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Pay it Forward: Tayler and Kayleigh

Updated: Monday, January 6 2014, 04:09 PM EST

For nine-year-old Tayler Collins and Kayleigh Elliott, there's nothing stronger than the bond formed by a friendship bracelet. It's a craft that started as a hobby for the two girls, but became a selfless act of helping others.

"We thought about the idea to give them to charity because we didn't want to receive we wanted to give," Tayler said.

The two girls went to Tayler's mom with their plan to sell bracelets for a dollar each and give the money to kids who needed Christmas presents.

"It was a selfless act of kindness, she blew me away, Heather Collins said.

So the girls got to work, decided to donate the proceeds to Kennedy Krieger and after months of saving their profits, did just that. The two handed over eighty hard-earned dollars to the hospital. FOX45 paid the girls a visit, with a $250 check that FOX45 and First Mariner Bank awards to those who pay it forward.

And that's where Tayler and Kayleigh continued the surprises.

Instead of keeping the check for themselves the girls turned right around and gave it to Kennedy Krieger.

Pay it Forward: Tayler and Kayleigh

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