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Adolescent Psychiatrist Analyzes What Drives a Victim of Bullying to Take Drastic Measures

Updated: Monday, November 19 2012, 09:25 AM EST
While the motive is still unclear, several students have indicated that the suspected shooter from Perry Hall High School had been a victim of bullying.

Police have not formally named the suspect because he is a minor, but dozens of students from Perry Hall High have identified him and commented on his history of unusual behavior, like cutting himself. He also posted some comments online that should have drawn red flags. "First day of school, last day of my life," is the last comment the suspected shooter wrote on his Facebook page Monday morning.

Adolescent psychiatrist Jack Vaeth say it is not uncommon behavior for a bullying victim to post comments like that publicly."You want to tell as many people as you can when you're being bullied.  Consequently someone comes to your aid," say Vaeth.

Vaeth says that bullying victims are often loners without many friends to support them. They often react dramatically to teasing and sometimes, they seek retaliation in a dramatic way. "Now I have two choices. I can take this into my own hands - retaliation. Or I can turn it inward on  myself - suicide."

The suspected shooter remains in police custody tonight and is said to be cooperating with police.Adolescent Psychiatrist Analyzes What Drives a Victim of Bullying to Take Drastic Measures

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