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If you were president, what would you do to stop the spread of Ebola?

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If you were president, what would you do to stop the spread of Ebola?

Do you believe the NFL when it claims no one in the organization saw the Ray Rice video?

(1) Do you agree with the suspension? (2) The NFL has faced sharp criticism over the way the situation has been handled. Should NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell face consequences?

Should the city abandon plans to renew its speed camera program?

Should the MD FOP Lodge 70 be donating to the "Support Officer Darren Wilson" fundraiser?

Would you be okay with illegal immigrant children being housed in your neighborhood?

Do you agree with a hospital policy to only hire non-smokers?

Do we need a law to prevent the suspension of students who create imaginary weapons?

Do you agree with the new TSA policy to allow small knives on planes?

Death Penalty Repealed

Do you think the school was right to suspend Josh Welch for his gesture?

Will the proposed gun legislation make Maryland safer?

Should Ticketmaster be allowed to charge large service fees?

Do you think the gun control bill violates the second amendment?

Do you think a six year sentence is fair in the caretaker abuse case?

Do you think Baltimore could host the Olympics?

Is it too early to reopen the police training academy?

Do you agree with the mayor's plan to charge a fee for trash pickup?

Should Maryland abolish the death penalty?

Do you think city leaders can resolve Baltimore's fiscal crisis?

Are Americans becoming too reliant on government handouts?

Will you miss Saturday mail delivery?

At any point during the game did you think the Ravens were going to lose?

What is your prediction for the Super Bowl?

Do you think the speed limit should be increased in Maryland?

Will this latest controversy damage the legacy of Ray Lewis?

What do you think about the accusation that Ray Lewis used a banned substance to help recover from an injury?

Which do you think will have the most impact in the Super Bowl: Offense, Defense or Special Teams?

Do you think speed camera companies should face penalties for their mistakes?

Do you agree with the decision to allow women to serve in combat jobs?

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