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Autopsy: Morgan State University Freshman Football Player Died from Heatstroke

Updated: Monday, August 25 2014, 10:49 PM EDT

According to an autopsy report, a Morgan State University football player died from heatstroke two weeks after collapsing at a team workout. Marquese Meadow's death was classified as "accidental."

August 10th was one of the hottest days of the month with a high of 86-degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

"The trainers did do an evaluation of him at the time that he became disoriented and determined at that time to call paramedics," said an MSU spokesman Clinton Coleman.

Paramedics rushed Meadow to the hospital where he remained until his death.
Two weeks after he passed out on the field, his mother still doesn't know what happened.

"I didn't understand how this happened.  He was a healthy kid.  He'd never been hospitalized.  He'd never been sick before," said Benita Meadow.

Meadow was a stand-out on the field at Friendship High School and had earned a scholarship to play at MSU.

Benita Meadow was by her son's side Sunday morning when he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Her son's organs, she says, had shutdown.

He never made it out of the intensive care unit. After two weeks in ICU his mother is still unclear what happened to her son.

"I know what the injuries were but I don't know exactly what caused them," said Meadow.

"He was perfectly healthy.  He had had a physical just days before there was no reason for him to have any medical problems on that field. We wanna know what happened on that field," said Meadow family attorney William McCaskill.

The family is still unclear why the team was practicing on a Sunday night and says the school hasn't provided answers.

"I don't know you could characterize this as a practice, per say, it was a team workout," said Morgan State Spokesperson Clint Coleman.

"No explanation at all, nothing," said McCaskill, "no one's said anything, it's been total silence.  And we would like Morgan State to step up and give us some answers."

Autopsy: Morgan State University Freshman Football Player Died from Heatstroke

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