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Are Maryland Lawmakers Taking Vacations on Your Dime?

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:22 PM EDT

These days many businesses choose to provide their loyal customers with special benefits, often referred to as "rewards." Credit card companies, airlines, hotels - and right now there may be several Maryland lawmakers planning vacations that they’ll pay with using rewards they earned while staying at hotels during the legislative session.

"What happens is during the 90-day session…they get a lodging per diem of $100 a night," David Williams of the Taxpayers Protections Alliance said. "So they stay in a hotel for 90 days, they rack up these bills at the taxpayer’s expense…they accumulate all these hotel rewards points and they can use them for their personal use…they’re getting all these free perks on the taxpayer."

While they’re not breaking any laws, Williams called the practice unethical and suggested the lawmakers donate these points to a charity or use them to negotiate lower prices for their hotel stays during the next session.

Are Maryland Lawmakers Taking Vacations on Your Dime?

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