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Baltimore Speed Cameras in Hot Water, Again

Updated: Friday, January 18 2013, 09:59 AM EST

The investigation into Baltimores speed camera program is continuing to expand.  The city has been probing whether faulty equipment has led to erroneous tickets, and it appears more than one cameras is at the heart of the probe.

For motorists who sail down the hill at Greenspring and Keyworth, theres a speed camera that has been snapping speeders for the past year. Now, the city is probing whether violations issued from the camera are inaccurate.

Truck drivers have been complaining for months about the camera on Cold Spring lane that has been accusing truckers of going twice the posted limit; but video from that camera shows some ticketed drivers with brake lights and turn signals on, hardly speeding twice the posted limit.

Today, a task force examining the citys speed camera program, questioned the city transportation directors about the cause of the inaccuracies and they the questionable cameras have yet to be shutdown. 

Ragina Averella, of AAA Mid-Atlantic, said, When you know there are errors in place or a camera is citing trucks and nothing is being done to shut those cameras down, it really chips away at the integrity of the program and I dont think thats good for the system overall.

The city has added a more rigorous inspection of tickets issued from those questionable cameras but even the company that operates the program admits its not that different.

Frank Murphy, of The City Transportation Department, says Its important to keep them running as long as we can insure theyre 100% accurate.

For now the probe widens and the suspicion deepens, but the cameras in question keep rolling.

The city is also probing a third camera on Cold Spring Lane which is the subject of similar complaints.

Baltimore Speed Cameras in Hot Water, Again

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