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Investigating Workman's Comp Claims

Updated: Wednesday, December 26 2012, 02:25 PM EST
Earlier this month we told you that when it comes to compensating workers for injuries on the job, Baltimore City was number one.

Awarding more money for  workers injury compensation than any other entity the state. It's spending Private Attorney Byron Warnkin unearthed from a state web site using a technique called scraping. His aim, to shed light an expense that is rarely scrutinized.

The numbers were so large the city has spent nearly one hundred million on workers comp in just three years we dug deeper, asking for details on just what the city was paying to who and the data reveals some intriguing facts.

For , examples dozens of insect bitess, trips and falls…  A city teacher seeking compensation for injury because a student snapped their finger, causing an eye injury…another teacher harmed by a falling laptop.

Transportation workers seeking compensation for breathing in gas fumes or this worker, who wanted compensation for getting  a cut while taking music headphones off their head

It's a wide variety of claims that add up to rising costs. Nearly half a billion dollars over the last decadeInvestigating Workman's Comp Claims

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