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Reports Show Millions Owed to Maryland From EZ Pass Tolls

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:22 PM EDT
According to the Washington Post, more than 650,000 drivers have blown
through the Maryland's EZ Pass tolls costing the state a combined $6.7

Maryland Transportation Authority Executive Secretary Harold Bartlett
says EZ Pass violators make up about one percent of toll users, compared
to states like Delaware where it is over three percent.

Bartlett says his agency is working to change the state's laws to make it easier to go after violators.

Republican State Senator Nancy Jacobs, who fought against recent toll
hikes, says the state's priorities are all wrong. "They're hitting them
with astronomical tolls and yet they're not collecting them from the
people who don't obey the law. That's just not right."

Jacobs believes the report might lead even more drivers to break the law.

Transportation officials introduced legislation to make it easier to
track down violators during this last session, but it did not pass. Reports Show Millions Owed to Maryland From EZ Pass Tolls

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