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Council Seeks to Eliminate Criminal Records from Job Applications in Baltimore City

Updated: Monday, December 9 2013, 05:55 PM EST

The job application process for those who have been convicted of a crime may soon become easier, due to planned legislation from city councilman Nick Mosby.

Councilman Mosby plans to introduce the legislation Thursday that would bar private employers in Baltimore City with 10 or more workers from asking potential hires about past criminal records.

"People who have committed a crime in the past should still have the opportunity to compete for jobs for the future," Mosby told FOX45.

The law would prohibit questions about criminal history on both the application and during an interview. However Mosby says employers would still be allowed to do background checks.

Mosby points to the city's aggressive arrest policies that often target young black males as one of the reasons the law is needed.

"I know a guy who has an engineering degree and can't get a job because of something that he did when he was 21," Mosby said.

Similar policies, known as "Ban the Box," have been adopted elsewhere in the country. According to the National Employment Law Project, as of July 16, 2013 a total of 10 states and 51 cities and counties across the nation had limited criminal background checks.

Council Seeks to Eliminate Criminal Records from Job Applications in Baltimore City

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