100-year-old Hanover St. Bridge is 'a public safety issue'

100-year-old Hanover St. Bridge is 'a public safety issue'

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - City transportation officials continue to study whether to repair or replace the Hanover Street Bridge in South Baltimore.

"It's like you're playing Frogger, dodging all the potholes there," retired engineer Tom Rossbach said. "It's a public safety issue, and I don't think anyone in the city is taking it seriously."

Rossbach and others commenting on FOX45's Facebook page describe worsening conditions to the already patch-filled bridge, which visibly has crumbling concrete, exposed rebar, and potholes. The bridge turned 100 years old this year.

"Eventually, it's gonna make a hole in the deck to the water. You're going to be able to see the water eventually," Rossbach said.

The city is in the midst of a study to determine the future of the bridge that connects Cherry Hill and South Baltimore.

City officials say the bridge is inspected each year and is structurally safe. More traffic is expected in the future with Port Covington redevelopment under way on the north side of the bridge.

Baltimore City Department of Transportation officials would not confirm Thursday how much longer the study will last.

Councilman Eric Costello, who represents the district, said the study should be wrapped up early in 2018 and the bridge is in "dire need of significant capital repairs."

"A project of this magnitude likely requires support from our State and Federal transportation partners," Costello said. "Once the study is completed, my hope is that the City will take expeditious action to make much needed repairs."

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