2 puppies submitted to Maryland SPCA test positive for Parvo

Luca and Manny (Maryland SPCA)

Two puppies that were submitted to the Maryland SPCA have tested positive for Parvo.

Tina Regester, a spokesman for the shelter, says the puppies, named Luca and Manny, were weak and listless when they arrived.

Luca and Manny are critically ill and receiving around-the-clock care at Pet+E.R. to increase their chance for survival. Doctors have no way of knowing how long the puppies have had Parvo, but the team is cautiously optimistic they will respond to treatment, Regester said.

Regester says the puppies never entered the adoption shelter because the disease is transmittable from dog-to-dog. Parvo destroys the digestive tract of young puppies and pets who aren’t vaccinates. It untreated, it is 100% fatal, Regester said.

Regester says the medical bills for treatment have already reached $5,000 and is expected to grow. Treating Parvo requires weeks of medical care and close monitoring.

Anyone interested in donating to the Maryland SPCA, or to the treatment of Luca and Manny, click here. Gifts can also be mailed to 3300 Falls Road, Baltimore, Md.. 21211.

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