Annapolis holds hearing on Baltimore violence

Annapolis holds hearing on Baltimore violence

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - State officials attended a public hearing in Annapolis to discuss the record levels of violence in Baltimore City.

Fox45's Joy Lambert joined the meeting with Baltimore's mayor, Catherine Pugh.

Pugh was the first to speak, for nearly 30 minutes, about crime in Baltimore - specifically, gun violence, juvenile suspects and recidivism.

It was a packed hearing, filled with city leaders and stakeholders focused on one thing: reducing violence in Baltimore, as the city sits at 245 homicides.

More than 2 hours of the meeting was dedicated to what city leaders in Baltimore are doing to try to curb the violence and what they need from the state to support a larger vision to cut down on violent crime.

City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and Pugh both stressed the need for a change in gun laws.

"Homicide victims in Baltimore city have been arrested ten times... 86 percent of them have criminal records. Approximately one-third were on parole or probation at the time of killing. Almost half have been arrested previously and the gun crimes of violent crimes," said Pugh.

The hearing was set to continue well into the night.

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