Baltimore Bike Share system shutting down for repairs and upgrades to help reduce thefts

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The Baltimore City Bike Share system is shutting down temporarily. Department of Transportation officials say maintenance and equipment upgrades are needed. The shutdown starts Sunday, September 17 and the program resumes in mid-October. In the meantime, if you participate in the program, it might already be tough to find a ride.

At Patterson Park, there’s a popular port that sits empty. “You mean where the bikes are never there,” Nejla Solano asked through a playful grin. Solano is a dog walker who likes bikes.

But a lot of the city’s rentable bikes have been removed from the streets, frustrating bikers like Ted Fagrelius. "It's a great way to get around and it's fun and it's disappointing that Baltimore's program hasn't worked out as well and that these bike ports are empty," said Fagrelius.

It’s a setback for the city’s bike sharing program that kicked off nearly a year ago. The Department of Transportation said bikes have been removed to receive necessary upgrades to help reduce thefts. They say other bikes are getting repairs.

Meanwhile, there’s biker blues. "Sort of seems like they rolled out a program and weren't completely prepared for the repercussions of what might happen," said Solano.

Since launching, the bike share program reports that nearly 10,000 people have rented a bike at least once and traveled almost 60,000 miles.

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