Baltimore bikeshare program suffers from missing bikes

Baltimore bikeshare program suffers from missing bikes

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore’s bikeshare program gives people the chance to bike from one part of the city to the next for a couple of dollars. Yet, some of those bikes may be missing.

The city’s Department of Transportation says its bikeshare program has 180 bikes, with 20 different locations for users to pick them up and drop them off. Those bikes can often go missing.

Police say bikes have been stolen. Sometimes bikes aren’t returned to one of the bike share docks. The bikes have built in GPS, making them easier to recover.

DOT did not agree to an on-camera interview with Fox45. It did say all bikeshare programs will see bikes stolen.

In 2014, another bikeshare program was suspended by the city after 40 of the bikes were stolen out of Druid Hill Park.

In a statement, DOT said: "Bikeshare is a new program in Baltimore, so users are still learning how to use the system. Some riders may not return the bikes to the docking stations because they don't fully understand the station-to-station concept."

DOT did not say if all 180 bikes have been recovered.

The program hopes to expand to 500 bikes and 50 bike share locations in the fall.

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