Baltimore city awards $1.1 million to victims of police misconduct

Baltimore city awards $1.1 million to victims of police misconduct

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- On Wednesday, the Baltimore City Board of Estimates approved a total of $1.1 million dollars in settlements to the victims and their families for police misconduct.

They include a $600,000 payment to the children of Tyrone West, a Baltimore man who died while in police custody in July, 2013.

West, who was 44, was initially stopped by police in Northeast Baltimore on suspicion of possessing cocaine.

Two weeks ago, Acting City Solicitor David Ralph spoke to reporters about the factors that were reviewed in reaching a financial settlement.

"We considered the risks to the city, the family's interests and both parties decided that it was the reasonable and wise thing to do," said Ralph.

Baltimore City also awarded Shaun Mouzon $400,000 after he was shot and wounded by police in 2013.

Meantime the city now has to review a decision by a federal appeals court which awarded $2.3 million to Marlow Humbert.

Attorneys for the Baltimore man say he was wrongly incarcerated

for rape for more than a year even though DNA evidence exonerated him two months after his arrest.

Baltimore Police initially suspected he was the Charles Village rapist.

During the litigation in 2015, Humbert told Fox 45 "I knew I was innocent, I prayed to God I would be freed."

Reacting to Wednesday's approval of $1.1 million in settlements to four victims of police wrongdoing, Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott said, "For all the improvements and all the stuff that has been done in the police department, clearly we have a long way to go and of course, some of the incidents are from several years ago, that's how those things work and what we have to do is show that and hope that put everyone on notice that there's still change that needs to be made."

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