Baltimore Police Ask FBI to Take over Detective's Murder Investigation

Baltimore Police Ask FBI to Take over Murder Investigation

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- In an afternoon press conference, Baltimore's Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis told reporters that he's asked the FBI to take over the investigation of the murder of Sean Suiter.

Suiter was shot with his own gun after approaching a 'suspicious' man while investigating a triple homicide.

The shooting came the day before Suiter was to offer grand jury testimony probing the previously indicted, Gun Trace Task Force.

Commissioner Davis said, "Finding out investigative information the same time you guys find out about it, makes me uncomfortable that we don't know all the information we need to know to conduct a murder investigation."

Davis said in his letter, it's not that he doesn't think his officers are capable, rather he's not sure that they have access to the same information the FBI does.

Davis told reporters, "Right now there is no physical evidence, blood, etc that identifies another person."

Police do say there is evidence, signs of a struggle, radio transmission and a gunshot.

Police say they are examining all angles and scenarios.

The Commissioner said he was comfortable waiting until after Detective Suiter's funeral to make the request because the FBI, DEA and ATF are already involved in the investigation.

There is no timeline for when the FBI will step in, if at all. Baltimore City homicide detectives will continue to invetigate the murder of Detective Sean Suiter.

The Commissioner wrapped up the press conference saying, "The community needs to know that I am willing, and this police department is willing to invite any extra sets of eyes, resources whether it's investigative or prosecutorial."

Baltimore's Congressional delegation said in a statement late Friday that they support Davis' request.

"We now need the full resources and attention of the federal government brought to bear in order to solve this case, bring the suspects to justice, and provide answers to the public and Detective Suiter's family," said the delegation in the statement.

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