Ben Carson expressed HUD concerns related to slain Baltimore mom who reported a crime

Ben Carson expressed HUD concerns related to slain Baltimore mom who reported a crime

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Doctor Ben Carson, exclusively tells FOX45 News, “Clearly we all need to be significantly concerned” regarding the murder of a Baltimore mother who was gunned down after reporting crime.

Two weeks after 37-year-old Charmaine Wilson was killed on her front porch after reporting crimes against her children, there are still more questions than answers. According to her family, the mother of eight requested a transfer from her Public Housing unit because she did not feel safe. That request was denied.

As Secretary of HUD, Dr. Carson oversees the local Housing Authority. He told Fox45 News he was familiar with Wilson’s case. “My thoughts are the local housing authority and law enforcement are dealing with that situation. It’s not clear that it's a federal issue.” He says, “But clearly we all need to be significantly concerned and we need to have ways we need to respond in a timely fashion and provide people with alternatives when they feel they are in danger.”

Fox45 Reporter, Joy Lambert asked, “Do you feel some of these people are getting ignored who are trying to help police?” Dr. Carson replied, “I think you’re never going to come up with a perfect solution where everyone is always protected 100 percent of the time, but we should strive to do that.”

Dr. Carson says, “I think the people here have been studying this issue quite carefully, from what I can determine, and are going to learn from it and make appropriate adjustments.”

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