Thief steals car doors: Patterson Park couple discovers unusual robbery


BALTIMORE (WBFF) - It was a rude awakening on a Sunday morning.

Ann Carmody got a call from her neighbor just after 7 a.m.

“He said, 'Ann, you won’t believe this: The two passenger-side doors on your car are gone,'” said Carmody.

Ann and her husband Danny Carmody were sound asleep as someone expertly took the doors off their 2014 Toyota Camry at some point Saturday night. It was parked in their handicapped parking space.

“My mechanic said he broke the grill and cut the horn right away so no alarm system would go off,” said Ann Carmody. “And then [he] broke through the driver’s side window, popped through the hood and disconnected the battery cable, so they could take the doors off and cut the wires with no problem.”

Ann Carmody said she believes someone needed the doors for a repair or rebuild of their own Toyota Camry.

Ann Carmody contacted police who are investigating the matter. No surveillance footage has been located. Ann said she has heard about other incidents like this one that took place in her neighborhood over the last year.

Danny Carmody, her husband, is a disabled veteran who served two tours in Vietnam.

Thankfully, his wheelchair was not stolen from the car.

Neighbors helped moved the wheelchair into a rental vehicle. They also helped sweep up the glass, and wrap up the exposed portions of the car in plastic.

Meanwhile, their insurance is picking up the cost of repairing the vehicle.

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