Davon Carter indicted for the murder of Baltimore Pastor Latrina Ashburne

Davon Carter was indicted for the murder of Baltimore Pastor Latrina Ashburne

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- It was an inexplicable crime last May when Latrina Ashburne was murdered.

The Baltimore pastor and elementary school worker was gunned down and killed early in the morning as she was getting into her car to go to work.

Now federal investigators say she was murdered to silence a witness from testifying.

The man now charged with killing Ashburne is 37 year old Davon Carter.

He's facing a life sentence or even the death penalty for killing Ashburne.

Carter's arrest is bringing up raw emotions for family members still grieving her loss.

"Hearts are heavy. We just have no understanding as to why," said Reverend Christian Hall when he spoke with Fox45 in May 2016 right after his niece was killed.

Ashburne was fatally shot as she was getting into her car in Baltimore's Cylburn neighborhood at 7:30 in the morning to drive to work.

"Everyone is devastated," Hall said. "We're tyring to function is a better word. But it's hard, it's hard."

Wednesday Ashburne's sister told Fox45 it's still hard.

The family spent the morning on the phone with prosecutors who told them they'd charged Carter.

According to the federal indictment against him, Carter murdered Ashburne to reta@!liate against and prevent a witness from testifying for a federal offense.

The document did not publicly reveal who that witness was.

At the time of Ashburne's death, police released surveillance footage of a suspect taken a block from where she was killed.

"There was no robbery as far as we know. There was nothing even said to the victim in this case," Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said at the time.

Ashburne's family says she was an innocent person who worked as a teacher's aide at Francis Scott Key Elementary School and was helping in her uncle's ministry and feeding the homeless.

Carter does not have an attorney listed.

At his detention hearing Thursday afternoon he pleaded not guilty.

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