Dept. of Justice Investigates Baltimore City Police Dept.

The Department of Justice is now formally investigating the practices of the Baltimore City Police Department.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch made the announcement Friday, saying, "This investigation will begin immediately, and will focus on allegations that Baltimore Police Department officers use excessive force, including deadly force; conduct unlawful searches, seizures and arrests; and engage in discriminatory policing."

At the corner where Freddie Gray was arrested in West Baltimore, 74-year-old Harold Perry supports the decision to investigate the City Police Department. He says, "It's a shame that this had to happen to Freddie Gray in order for it to bring national attention to what is going on,{}but at least his demise wasn't in vain."

Meanwhile the President of the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police, Gene Ryan, says the investigation should be even more comprehensive.

He issued a statement which says, "Additionally we suggest that, as a part of this comprehensive examination, the Department of Justice also consider expanding the scope of their review to include the practices and policies of the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings Blake. In her sixth year in office, Mayor Rawlings Blake is the leader of all city agencies, including the Baltimore Police Department, and we believe that her leadership of, and involvement in, the Police Department also deserves evaluation. In their examination of the Ferguson Police Department, the DOJ included a review of the city's government, from the top down, and we agree that the same is required in Baltimore."

The Mayor requested the original investigation.{} Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says, "The problems we are confronting in Baltimore are not unique to our city.{}They did not occur overnight and it will take time for Baltimore to heal and move forward.{} I believe we must continue to act boldly to realize the changes we all want to see.{} My goal is to achieve an enforceable court ordered agreement that ensures accountability as we work to restore trust between police and community."

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