FIRST ON FOX| Victim speaks; Man shot by suspect as he fled from police

EXCLUSIVE: Victim speaks; Man shot by suspect as he fled from police

BALTIMORE (WBFF)--Victims and neighbors are opening up about their encounters with the man accused of taking police on a wild chase through the city last week.

Body worn camera footage shows Mausean Carter just seconds before he pulls off on officers Friday afternoon.

Torren Carroll was one of the innocent people carter shot during the pursuit. Three bullets struck the truck Carroll was in.

He told Crime and Justice Reporter Joy Lepola, " I never expected anything like this would happen."

Carroll has nine stitches in and around his eye, he's not sure his vision will return, still he feels fortunate his injury wasn't more serious.

Carroll, "I'm blessed I wasn't leaning forward or down. If so, I wouldn't be here today talking about it."

Neighbors describe Carter as angry.

One, who didn't want to give her last name, said, "I'm thanking God for saving me from the things I heard he did."

Carter is accused of three shootings in recent weeks that left two people dead prior to Friday's chase.

Friday, police say he fired randomly at citizens as he fled officers, two people were shot during the chase.

Carter is undergoing a psychiatrist evaluation. Pre- trial services indicated he may have tried to commit suicide last week. Carter denied that during his bail review.

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