Fallout in court following release of Baltimore officer's body camera video

Fallout in court following release of officer worn body camera video

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Fallout begins in Circuit Court as a result of footage recorded on an officer’s body cam that even the Police Commissioner Kevin Davis described as appearing to show an officer possibly planting evidence.

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In Circuit Court prosecutors began to drop charges in some cases in which the officers made arrests. Postponements were requested in a few cases as well.

The fallout began less than 12 hours after Fox45 aired the initial footage. Natalie Finegar who’s an attorney with the Public Defender’s Office says, “It's my understanding with one of the officers involved in the video footage there are 53 open cases.”

Debbie Katz Levi wants answers from the State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) regarding its handling of the footage. Katz Levi says, “There was no action taken by the State's Attorney to say hold on we have something were obligated to disclose.”

Instead Katz Levi says the SAO allowed at least one of the officers to take the witness stand this week.

The State’s Attorney issued a statement but it did not address the point that concerns public defenders. The Commissioner was also asked why the BPD allowed the officer to testify. Commissioner Kevin Davis indicated he just found out about the video a few days ago.

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