Family mourns loss of Allison Blanding, killed in fatal hit & run involving dirt bike

Police are looking for witnesses of a fatal hit and run involving a dirt bike that killed a 24-year-old woman, Allison Blanding.

The hit and run crash happened on Sunday, May 3 around 10 p.m. in the 4300 block of Wabash Ave. Police say Blanding was standing with a group of people on the MTA parking lot on Wabash Ave. near Cold Spring Rd. The group was watching dirt bike riders do trick in the lot.

Investigators say someone on a dirt bike hit Blanding and then sped away.

Shirley Booth, Blanding's aunt, says, "I mean this dirt bike hit her and knocked her down and then flipped over her twice... that's why she had so much brain injury."

Blanding's sister, Romel Burton, says, "That was the biggest, the biggest decision I ever had to make was to pull the plug on my sister and it killed me, but I had to do it."

Marva, Blanding's mother, says, "If you kill someone, it could be your mother, it could be your sister, your brother, your child.{} How would you feel about that?"Blanding's aunt adds, "Someone in that crowd saw what happened.{} And someone in that crowd needs to come forward with the information."

Detectives from the Baltimore City Police CRASH team are asking any witnesses to call 410-396-2606.

Blanding is survived by her 6-year-old daughter, Aliyah "Skyler."

You can donate to support Blanding's memorial service here.

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