FIRST ON FOX: Dog attacked by fox in Ellicott City

A fox was seen in Howard County earlier this week. Officials cannot say if the same fox attacked a dog in Ellicott City.

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WBFF) - A Howard County family has a warning for other residents: be aware of potentially dangerous wildlife nearby.

Courtney Kelley, who lives in the Turf Valley area of Ellicott City, said her dog was attacked Monday morning by a wild fox.

Kelley says she heard her dog Teddy yelp "really loud, and I knew something was really wrong, and I ran out from the garage and the fox was attacking him in the driveway, trying to bite him. It would not go away."

Kelley said she tried to distract the dog by throwing shoes. She finally was able to scoop up Teddy and get him inside to safety.

The dog suffered from some bites. He is now quarantined for 45 days as they monitor his health.

On Tuesday, Howard County police say they received a complaint about a mangy fox in the same neighborhood.

That animal was captured and euthanized. It is now being tested for rabies. However, Howard County Police emphasize there is no way of knowing if it is the same fox that was involved in Monday's attack.

Howard County Health Department officials tell FOX45 News they have gotten 302 complaints concerning suspicious wildlife from January through the end of July.

During that seven-month period, some animals have been captured, euthanized and tested, but only one case turned out to be positive for rabies.

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