FIRST ON FOX: USPS workers stop elderly man from throwing away part of his life savings

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Three alert United States Postal Service employees are being credited with stopping a suspected mail fraud scam that had targeted an elderly U.S. Veteran.

The employees of the Middle River, Baltimore County branch of the Post Office tell us how they were alerted to the possible scheme. Supervisor Erica Lomax said, "the red flag was him wanting to send a blank money order to someone he didn't know."

The Post Office customer had requested the money order, and had explained to Loretta Green why he wanted it so quickly. Green, a 20 year employee with the USPS, said "he was under the assumption that if he sent them express this 800 dollar money order to somewhere in Georgia then he was going to get $2 million dollars back."

"We just said, stop don't go any further. He was going to put the money order in blank essentially, and that raised a red flag, and prompted further questioning, "says Mike Frederick.

On Wednesday the three employees will be honored during an event at the Post Office in Middle River.

During National Consumer Protection Week, USPS Inspectors say they hope this raises awareness about potential mail fraud so it can be prevented.

For more information about preventing mail fraud click here.

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