From surviving the Houston floods, to attending your sister's funeral in Pennsylvania


One woman in Houston says she has more than she can handle right now. First she lost her home and possessions in the floods. When she and her children finally escaped from the rising waters and were rescued, she found out her sister was dead. Her body was found in an alley in York Pennsylvania. Police are investigating.

Quenickyia Wilson flew into BWI with her four children, to attend her sister’s funeral. They had to raise the airfare money through a GoFundMe site.

Ms. Wilson explains the horrors of fighting the floods first, “they had to get in a boat, and they put all of my family in the boat, I wish I knew his name today he was a hometown hero" .

She explained she was on the phone with her Mom in Pennsylvania finally telling her she was safe, when we Mom got a knock on the door, “it was the coroner, telling my mama they found my sister. We were 11 months 2 weeks apart, she was my first friend".

The funeral is set for Friday.

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