Loyola U. president urges 'ongoing prayers' for student found dead in PA

Loyola U. president urges 'ongoing prayers' for student found dead in PA

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Loyola University Maryland's president is urging the campus community to come together after student Jimi Patrick was found dead in a quadruple homicide investigation in Pennsylvania.

"At a time of such grief, let's seek strength in the comfort and compassion we can offer to one another. As St. Francis of Assisi said, 'All the darkness in the world can't extinguish the light of a single candle,'" said The Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., in a statement issued Friday. "Please join me in ongoing prayers for Jimi, his family, and all those affected by these events. You are each in my prayers, as well."

Earlier on Friday, Pennsylvania officials confirmed Patrick's remains were among those found on a farm in Bucks County, Pa.

"We have now received the official announcement of the death of Jimi Patrick, Class of 2020. You are probably reeling, as am I, with the news of the loss of a valued member of our community, particularly through such horrific violence," wrote Linnane in a statement distributed to the media.

"As a community, we are understandably sad, angry, and confused. We will grieve, support one another, and continue to surround Jimi's loved ones in comfort and prayer. We will also find ways to celebrate Jimi's life and memory. In the coming days, we will gather on campus, and we will plan a memorial Mass for the fall when students return," he wrote.

The campus ministry held a prayer vigil earlier this week, after Patrick and the other three men were reported missing.

Linnane urged members of the campus community to take space from the news coverage. He said help is readily available through the campus Counseling Center, Campus Ministry, or the student life office, "all of whom are prepared to help you."

Anyone who needs assistance during working hours can call the department of public safety at 410-617-5911.

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