"Miracle Molly" to be adopted by officer who rescued her from train tracks

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- The Amtrak police officer who rescued a puppy from train tracks last month wants to adopt her.

Kevin McMullen discovered the dog nicknamed 'Miracle Molly' the night of Jan. 20th after being dispatched to a train tunnel off Pennsylvania Ave. for a report of a dog on the tracks.

McMullen quickly noticed Molly had lost one of her legs from being hit by a train.

McMullen returned to BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter) two weeks after Molly received emergency surgery to start his paperwork to bring her home.

"At first I wanted to rescue her to save her life," said McMullen. "After a couple of days with the girlfriend nagging me 'Can we get Molly? Can we get Molly?' I gave BARCS a call."

If everything goes according to plan, including Molly getting along with McMullen's three other dogs, the Amtrak officer will be able to take home Miracle Molly in the next few weeks.

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