Missing Mother:Family Asks for Public's Help

Missing: Akia Eggleston

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- A mother is missing and a family is searching for answers.

It's been five months since anyone has heard from Akia Eggleston. She was eight months pregnant and on bed rest when she disappeared in May.

Akia didn't show up for her baby shower May 7th, that's when family members knew something was wrong, they raced to her home to find Akia and her belongings, gone.

Her grandmother Ann Wilson told FOX45 she can't sleep wondering what happened to her grandbaby and her baby,

"My hurt is so broken and it's so torn."

Her family says Akia's disappearance was suspicious from the moment they realized she was gone. She hadn't told anyone she was leaving, most of her furniture was still in the house, and there was a noticeable hole in the wall. The family said police initially told them because of her age, there wasn't much that could be done if she left on her own free will.

In July, City Police said they had reason to believe that foul play was involved in Akia's disappearance.

The FBI put her on a list that would alert them if she went to a hospital in labor, they never got a notification.

At a vigil Saturday, Akia's father Shawn Wilkinson was asking the public for help,

"We need that one individual to step forward and give us some closure."

Friends say Akia was excited about becoming a mother again, and would have never left her two year old daughter willingly. Her close friend Stephen Foster said, "She asks me, which is the hardest thing in the world. She asks me, where is my Mommy?

The family says they are remaining hopeful, her grandmother told FOX45, "We're just praying for answers, just hoping that God brings us the answers we're waiting for and I know he will."

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