Moment of silence held for Arundel High School graduate shot at Las Vegas concert

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GAMBRILLS, Md. (WBFF) -- An Anne Arundel young woman is in critical condition, after being shot in the eye during the vicious massacre in Las Vegas. Tina Frost was honored Tuesday by her former high school.

It happened at the soccer game with Old Mill High School on one side and Arundel High on the other. And for just a brief moment, no one cared about which team would win.

"It makes me emotional, because that could have happened to anyone," said Joseph Threatt, a student at Old Mill who was sitting in the stands watching the match.

Before the national anthem, both sides on the field and the fans in the stands, shared a moment of silence for Frost.

"It's upsetting and it's not a good thing that happened, it's heartbreaking," said Courtney Corcoran, another student who attended the game.

Frost was a former team captain at Arundel High. She graduated in 2008, but she is not forgotten by this tight knit community. At a news conference before the game, Frost's former coach, Laura Coe, remembered the player.

"She was incredibly kind and incredibly courageous. To see her in the hallway, you would have no idea just how ferocious for she was on the field," said Coe.

Frost was shot in the right eye during that massacre in Las Vegas Sunday night. Her family said Tuesday, she's out of surgery and her vitals are stable.

Back at the match, there was more said about Frost and the tragedy.

"It makes the unknown, the thought of terrorism around me (frightening). It just feels like it's something that you can't prevent," said Threatt.

"It really puts things in perspective for me," said Mike Reed, a parent who was sitting in the stands cheering for his daughter Katy, who plays for Arundel. "As a father, I hugged my kids a little tighter last night," said Reed.

Frost's team did not win the game Tuesday night. But fans said, both sides scored a victory in compassion.

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