'More than two dozen' water main breaks reported Monday in Baltimore area

'More than two dozen' water main breaks reported Monday in Baltimore area

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore crews were dealing with "more than two dozen water main breaks" on Jan. 1, with some causing problems such as a car encased in ice in Fells Point and a gushing fountain in the Towson area.

Baltimore's Department of Public Works valve and traffic crews were on their way to a break on Seminary Avenue at Margarette Avenue in Towson Monday evening, confirmed a spokesperson.

One resident posted a video of water gushing out of the ground at that site.

Baltimore City Public Schools also warned that Woodhome Elementary/Middle School, in the northeast near Harford Road, would be closed Tuesday. That was not due to a broken water main, however, just a broken pipe at the school.

The city's public works department is responsible for the water system in both the city and Baltimore County.

Spokesperson Jeffrey Raymond did not immediately have more details on the Woodhome Elementary-area water main break.

"We have more than two dozen main breaks currently and are getting to them as soon as we can in order to keep the overall impacts to a minimum," he said via email.

An elementary school in Carroll County was also set to be closed Tuesday for "water line repair."

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