'Nobody feels safe no more': Baltimore hits 79 murders

The human toll of deadly crime in Baltimore is now at 79

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The human toll of deadly crime in Baltimore is now at 79.

With March 29 marking the 86th day of 2017, the city is seeing nearly one homicide per day. By this time in 2016, the city reached 54 homicides.

On Wednesday, the city had two murders in the middle of the day. One was at a popular BP gas station at the corner of Reisterstown Road and Garrison Boulevard.

Shatara Shaw lives down the street from the gas station. She says: “It's just getting out of hand. It needs to stop.”

Moments before Dante Jones drove his car to the BP gas pump, the entire station was shut down after a man was stabbed in the middle of the pavement.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on out here, a lot of crazy stuff,” says Jones. “You never know what’s going to happen out here nowadays.”

The brutal attack happened at 2 p.m., and the gas station’s manager, Abdul Rauf, says it was all caught on surveillance.

“The way they were killing, even an animal can’t do it like that,” says Rauf. “They were taking him all over the parking lot over there; he held his hand and was kicking all over.”

The suspects got away, but they left Baltimore with its 79th homicide and an unsettling feeling across the city.

Shaw says: “Nobody feels safe no more. You can’t even go anywhere in daylight; obviously, this happened in daylight, so you can’t even go nowhere now.”

With eight homicides in the city's northwest police district already this year, the district’s homicide rate has doubled over this time last year.

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