Noose found outside Crofton Middle School; Police release suspect photos

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Dutton at 410-222-9772.

CROFTON, Md. (WBFF) – On Thursday morning police received a report that a noose was found hanging from the exterior of Crofton Middle School.

Officers were called to the school around 11 a.m. on May 11.

Investigators say a teacher was the first to spot the noose, hanging from a light fixture on the exterior of the building. A school custodian then removed it immediately, police said.

An investigation ensued and video surveillance was recovered. According to police, the video shows two suspects on the roof, putting the noose on the light fixture early in the morning.

Images of the suspects were released Thursday evening and detectives continue to investigate the case.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Dutton at 410-222-8772.

Principal Nuria Williams sent the following letter to parents and guardians:

Dear Parents and Guardians:
I am writing to let you know about a most disturbing incident that occurred at our school today. Shortly before 11 a.m., a teacher reported to our administration that there was a noose hanging in front of a window that looks out on our courtyard.
The noose was hung from an exterior light and was in front of a window of a teacher planning room. It was also visible to students who could look into the courtyard from other classrooms.
We immediately called county police, and asked a custodian to remove the noose. That was done within minutes of our becoming aware of it.
We, along with police, are continuing to investigate this incident in an effort to determine how the noose came to be placed on the light. While I cannot discuss specifics of this active investigation, we believe at this point that the noose was placed on the light last night by someone who gained access to the roof of our building. We do not believe this event happened during our school day.
This incident is clearly disturbing on many levels. While it appears to have no connection to our instructional day or any instructional unit our students are currently studying, we cannot ignore the intolerant message this act conveys.
I addressed our students before school dismissed today and reassured them that they are safe and supported in our school. I also want to assure you that we have resources available for any student or adult who has a need to discuss their feelings about this matter. I also am more than willing to address it – to the extent that I am able – at our Coffee with the Principal event scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday at the school.
If you have any information that could help in our investigation, please call our school or county police.
We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and supportive school community. We will not let this incident change that, and we will continue to work with county police to try and ascertain who the culprits are.
Nuria Williams
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