O.C. Police: Car show weekend brought 'appalling' violence, 'rude behavior'

O.C. Police: Car show weekend brought 'appalling' violence, 'rude behavior' (File photo)

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WBFF) - Ocean City police arrested 78 people and condemned visitors during a weekend full of what the chief called "appalling" behavior.

The 2,735 calls for service that police responded to included incidents wehere two officers were struck , and a pedestrian struck by a police SUV, according to earlier reports.

Ocean City's police chief issued a statement Monday blasting "isolated incidents of violence combined with heavy traffic, littler, rude behavior, and negligent driving," which "cast a very negative view over the whole weekend."

The H20 International event, a Volkswagen car show that was "officially cancelled this year," nevertheless prompted thousands of participants to come to the city, said the chief.

"Several of these calls for service involved large crowds of unruly individuals seeking to instigate police officers to engage them," he said in the statement. "Our officers remained disciplined and monitored the crowds, taking measured action as required."

"Several officers suffered minor injuries during interactions with arrestees. On Saturday night, one of our officers and a Worcester County Sheriff's deputy were struck and thrown to the hood of a fleeing vehicle, forcing officers to fire their weapons. Thankfully, no officers or suspects were seriously injured as a result of this incident."

The chief praised his department and partner law enforcement agencies, "considering the number of unruly visitors."

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