Paid Patriotism: Ravens deny accepting money to honor troops

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- The Baltimore Ravens are denying accusations that the team took money for the purpose of honoring the troops.

A government oversight report, released Wednesday, accuses the Ravens of being paid $89,000 for so-called 'paid patriotism.'

FOX45 obtained four years of contracts with the Department of Defense and discovered the military paid at least a quarter million dollars to the Ravens each year. While the Ravens deny accepting money for the purpose of honoring the troops, others believe the Ravens haven't been forthcoming.

"Ethically, I don't think it's okay," said Michael Runnels, professor of social responsibility at Loyola University.

"You can accept money, but don't pretend you're an upstanding citizen and have devotion to the flag when you're being paid to do so," he said.

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