Police audits may miss officers turning off cameras

Police audits may miss officers turning off cameras

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The Baltimore Police Department monitors its officers and if they are properly using their cameras, but one trend may have been missed.

There have been two cases of police turning off their body worn cameras, and then turning them back on.

The department is investigating if these officers manipulated or manufactured evidence, like the Public Defender’s Office says.

In his first public comments on the second case, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says officers are confused about when they should turn off their cameras. He says policy changes are coming. In a memo, he said officers should keep recording, until they have physically left the scene of a crime.

The Crime and Justice Team received body worn camera audits from BPD over an eight-month period, August through March. The audits examine if officers turn their cameras on at their initial appearance at a crime scene, but the audits don’t say officers are checked on if they turn their cameras off at the right time.

“We couldn’t have possibly predicted that this scenario was going to come up. It has come up, and we simply have to react to it,” Davis said.

In the audits we received, 45 percent of officers were found to not be in compliance with body-worn camera policy.

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