Police: Fentanyl, weapons seized from 62-year-old man's car

Wendell Beard (Photo: Baltimore City Police)

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Baltimore police say they have seized fentanyl and an assortment of weapons after searching a 62-year-old man's car.

A Thursday police statement says officers received an anonymous tip that led them to stop Wendell Beard's car. Authorities say he's a repeat violent offender who is prohibited from possessing guns.

Officers allegedly observed six packages of hospital-grade fentanyl spray containers in plain view when they approached his vehicle. A search then allegedly recovered two 9mm semi-automatic handguns, four knives, a wooden club, two sets of handcuffs, a facemask, and a BB gun.

Everything was seized and Beard was charged with an array of firearms, narcotics and deadly weapons charges.

He's currently waiting to see a court commissioner. It was not immediately clear if Beard had a lawyer.

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