Police investigate suspicious truck at Curtis Bay Elementary and Middle School


BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- Parents and teachers in south Baltimore are keeping a close eye out this week.

Worried students have reported seeing a suspicious truck around Curtis Bay Elementary and Middle school.

Police have added extra patrols around the school after several different students reported seeing a man driving a dark pickup truck watching them this week.

The school's principal sent out a voicemail warning to parents.

"It has been reported that there is a suspicious vehicle in our area," he said in the call. "This truck has been reported approaching students on their way to school."

"I have three girls so it's kind of creepy," says parent Kim Elliott. She has two daughters at the school and is reminding her kids to stick together and stay alert.

"I don't let them go anywhere without each other first off and I make sure they have their phone. I also don't let them talk to anyone."

"There was no physical contact between them, but it concerned the students," says Captain Jarron Jackson with the Baltimore Police Department.

Both the City Schools Police Department and Baltimore Police Department have extra officers on the streets looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"Nothing has happened yet," Cpt. Jackson says. "This person may even live in the area and it may be a misunderstanding, but we want to make sure there are no incidents."

"With girls that really scares you. I mean it would with any kid, but with girls especially," says Elliott.

In the voice recording the principal sent out, he tells parents they're taking the reports seriously.

"Again know we are doing everything possible to ensure that our children are safe coming to school, here at school, and on their way home from school," he says in the message.

Principals at two nearby schools have also been alerted and police are patrolling near those schools as well.

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