Police say suspect Ryan Hazel should not have been back on the streets of Baltimore

Police say suspect Ryan Hazel should not have been back on the streets of Baltimore

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- A 66-year-old woman is dead and Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says the man arrested in connection with her death should have never been on the streets in the first place.

After that crash, the suspect ran away but police quickly grabbed him and now he’s facing serious charges in the fatal hit-and-run.

Police have identified the victim. Her name is Margaret Hall.

The crash happened on Mount Street near Pratt just after 11 o’clock Thursday night.

The orange marks on the ground outline the scene.

"Her car flew over on the side, across the street from me," said Tiffany Slaughter who was parking her car on the block when she saw the two cars collide. "It happened so fast, but at the same time I could see it in slow motion," said Slaughter.

Police say Ryan Hazel, a known Bloods gang member was driving the car that slammed into Hall’s car, killing her instantly.

Investigators say Hazel was speeding away from police during a brief pursuit as they tried making a traffic stop.

“But Hazel was able to allude our police officers,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Then, the fatal crash on Mount. Police caught Hazel and they say they recovered a semi-automatic handgun and a 50-round magazine from Hazel’s car. A firearm in the possession of someone that Davis said should have already been in jail.

In March 2015, Hazel was found guilty of a handgun violation and was sentenced to three years in prison.

"After he was sentenced to 3 years incarceration, two years and six months of that 3 year sentence was suspended. I know you've all heard that before and it's another one of those, here we go again moments that shouldn't be happening in our city," said Davis.

Now, Hazel is a suspect in a fatal crash. "She didn't even see it coming," said Slaughter.

Police say they also recovered a substantial amount of drugs from Hazel’s car.

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