Safe site for drug users? Experts weigh in

Safe site for drug users? Experts weigh in

BALTIMORE (WBFF) --A new study suggests the city of Baltimore would save $6 million if drug users were given a safe place to "shoot up."

The study, performed by researchers at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, analyzed other countries that allow users access to safe sites which are monitored by medical professionals.

The study found that cities with safe sites have far fewer arrests, overdoses and deaths than cities which don't offer safe locations.

"We have to be honest, people inject in unsafe spaces everyday so it's a matter of how wide do you want your eyes to be open to the problem," said researcher Susan Sherman.

Drug counselor Mike Gimbel, however, isn't convinced. "This is the government sanctioning the use of a deadly drug. The government can't be in the business of doing that," said Gimbel.

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