Assault charge against Lt. Brian Rice in Freddie Gray case dropped by judge

The state rested in the Lt. Brian Rice trial on Monday, after two fellow officers also charged in the Freddie Gray case took the stand. (WBFF)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- An assault charge against Lt. Brian Rice, charged in the Freddie Gray case, has been dropped by the judge.

It is the second charge to be dropped against the officer, joining a misconduct charge, which was dropped on the first day of Rice's trial.

Judge Barry Williams announced the second-degree assault charge would be dropped after the state rested Monday afternoon.

According to the judge, the prosecution failed to show that Rice used the police van as an instrument for assault.

Rice still faces charges of manslaughter, reckless endangerment and a second misconduct charge.

He is the highest-ranking officer to stand trial for the death of Gray.

Rice chose a bench trial over a jury trial, following Officer Caesar Goodson and Officer Edward Nero, who were both found not-guilty of all charges.

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