State senator: Baltimore County Police camera policy needs an update

State senator: Baltimore County Police camera policy needs an update

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore County policies guiding police-officer use of their body-worn cameras while working second jobs need to change, says one state senator from Baltimore County.

After a Baltimore County police officer shot and killed a man while working a second job last week at a Giant in Catonsville, Fox45’s Crime and Justice team looked at policies regulating camera use.

The policy says an officer working a second job while in uniform must carry his or her department-issued gun, but wearing a body camera is optional.

The police officer involved in the shooting last week, Officer McCain (his first name was not released), was not wearing a body camera because the department had not given him one yet.

State Senator James Brochin says that policy needs to change.

“If you’re in uniform, the public doesn’t know if you’re moonlighting, if you have a side job, if you’re being paid as security or whatever at the mall, if you have a uniform on, they need to have a policy that you need to have a body camera on,” said Brochin.

If the policy is not changed at the county level, Brochin says he can introduce a bill in Annapolis to make the change once all Baltimore County officers receive their cameras.

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