SUITER MURDER CASE | More questions than answers, as suspect remains at large

SUITER MURDER CASE | More questions than answers, as suspect remains at large

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Police are going through new evidence they say they found in west Baltimore today, following Det. Suiter's autopsy.

It's evidence they believe will help identify his killer.

Baltimore is a city in mourning, with City Hall lit in blue Monday, and the entrance to police headquarters still draped in black bunting.

They're tributes to Det. Sean Suiter, as the search for his killer continues.

The ATF is preparing for yet another night at the crime scene, illuminating the area with large lights as agents sift through buckets of what appeared to be grass and soil, reported FOX45's Alexa Ashwell.

Police commissioner Kevin Davis said: "Based on the autopsy, it has specifically made us think about this murder in a different way... that's since then led us to recover evidence today that we had not yet recovered."

He would not say what that new evidence is today.

Last night, and a quarter mile from the crime scene, the commissioner said two people were taken into custody on Dolphin Street in relation to the case, but they were released.

"Two were brought in last night, questioned and released. That's all I can say about what happened," said Davis.

More questions also emerged about ballistics found at the scene, as well as Suiter's partner.

The commissioner says he was in the vicinity when the 18-year police veteran encountered a suspicious man and was shot in the head.

"We're not identifying him. He's considered a witness in this case," said Davis about the partner. "I'm not going to comment on what role or what observations or what he did at this time."

Police still believe the gunman is in the Baltimore area and likely wounded.

As for a motive, police wouldn't comment.

The commissioner is stressing he doesn't want to jeopardize the case.

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