Trial starting in case of Balt. Co. officer accused of kicking suspect

Trial starting in case of Balt. Co. officer accused of kicking suspect

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WBFF) - Jury deliberations are expected to get underway on Thursday in the criminal trial of Baltimore County Police Officer Christopher Spivey.

Video recorded by a police helicopter flying overhead raised concern among Baltimore Police officers who were assisting Baltimore County in the initial car chase.

Ofc. Spivey testified he did not believe he did anything wrong. Video shows the suspect voluntarily laying down as officers approached.

Spivey is seen running towards the 20-year-old man and kicking him in the head and then body.

Despite what the Foxtrot video shows, several officers testified the suspect was resisting arrest.

Prosecutors have called into question the lack of documentation describing the actions officers took on Jan. 25.

Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero was one of the two City officers called to testify. Nero faced a trial of his own when he and five other officers were charged in the Freddie Gray Case.

Prosecutors failed in their pursuit of a conviction in the Gray cases, and eventually dropped the remaining charges against those still awaiting trial.

Spivey told jurors he used "appropriate force" in apprehending the 20-year-old, who attempted to flee first in a stolen car and then on foot.

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