Urbanite magazine back on shelves for special issue dedicated to civil unrest, riots

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Urbanite magazine is back on store shelves for a special issue about Baltimore's riots and civil unrest.

"When the unrest happened in April, like everyone else, our hearts were breaking," said publisher Tracy Ward, who reached out to former colleagues at Urbanite about channeling concerns into a publication. "Everyone seemed to be immediately excited about it. There was just a tremendous amount of enthusiasm."

Urbanite was in circulation for nine years before it folded in 2012.

Loyola University Professor Dr. Karsonya Wise Whitehead wrote a song for Urbanite entitled "Songs in a Key Called Baltimore."

"It's really a parent's cry for wanting to raise her sons in a city, wanting them to be safe, and wanting them to know that the work I do to pour life and truth and love and hope into them is not in vain," Whitehead said. "How can I be a parent raising my children in Baltimore City and not have hope that the city is going to rebuild, it is going to be better?"

Ward said investor Carl William Struever put up the money to make Urbanite's November issue possible.

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