Maryland Moments: The full scoop on an unusual franchise

Mike Davis puts lots of miles on his boots, and his truck, every day.

HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WBFF) -- Mike Davis puts lots of miles on his boots, and his truck, every day.

"I drive anywhere from 110 to 150 miles per day," Davis said.

He's a kind of lawn technician. You might have seen him in your neighbor's yard, but he's not there to cut the grass.

"I know where the dogs go," Davis said. "I know where to concentrate on looking, and I know where to glance."

Davis is the Operations Manager for Doody Calls Baltimore West Metro. The franchise has been scooping pet waste from yards for almost a decade.

"I went out and scooped three days a week for 2 years until I built up my base," said franchise owner Jason Heimberg.

"We're doing about five tons per month at the landfill right now," Heimberg said. "That's a lot of bags of poop."

Heimberg says the service can costs as little as $15 per visit, but stresses that getting pet waste out of your yard is critical.

"A lot of people think that dog waste is benign and can just dissolve in the back yard, but it's actually very toxic," Heimberg said.

Even though he gets, "a lot of smell jokes," Davis says he enjoys his work.

"I care about it. I take pride in it, and that translates," Davis said. "If you like what you do, you're not working."

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