Woman sees Pope with her fiance in unforgettable moment

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Maria DeSangles says she was lucky enough to get within 100 yards of the Pope on Wednesday at the White House.

DeSanggles describes the moment, saying, "I hear people screaming and running and the whole crowd's energy shifted and you just saw the little Fiat come out from behind and pull up, and he went all around the car, and people were just running and crying and screaming, and then just pulled up in front of the White House and he got out."

DeSangeles was at the Pope event with her partner. She says she is a gay Catholic.

"It's not about wanting to be there to push boundaries, but the reality is that we are there, we are Catholic, we are gay, and we exist. It's not more complicated than that."

DeSangeles works at Loyola University Maryland, and has done extensive mission work. She was raised in the Dominican Republic and says being Catholic is important to her because, "I find a lot of solace in being part of the Catholic Church because that's part of my culture."

She is reverent about her religion, and Maria says Pope Francis is different.

"He's beginning to open doors in ways that haven't been opened in the past, and that's definitely hopeful. There's a lot of hope around his message and what he says, and I believe in that, and I identify with that."

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