City resident seeks answers from the City of Baltimore School Board

City resident seeks answers from the City of Baltimore School Board

The Baltimore City School Board heard from city residents Tuesday night, and a recent Project Baltimore investigation was among the issues raised.

Project Baltimore Lead Investigative Reporter Chris Papst was there as one woman demanded answers from the district.

“Three minutes is not enough,” said Kim Truehart as she sat down to address the Baltimore City School Board.

Trueheart, who runs the Liberty Rec and Tech Center in Northwest Baltimore, sat before the board with many concerns, among them, a recent Project Baltimore investigation.

“I’d like to throw out this question. How is the District accountable to the students? What does that look like? And we got a reporter here in the room, right, and he’s reporting on some stuff that just blows my mind,” she told the board.

Trueheart watched Monday night as Project Baltimore reported on this test obtained by Fox45. A teacher told us it was given to high school seniors at a Baltimore City School. The test, in part, asked 12th graders to draw a question mark and exclamation point.

“I didn’t understand the purpose of that test,” Trueheart told Project Baltimore. “Why would you ask a high school student to sit down and draw an exclamation point?”

The school that administered that test, NACA II, is now under an internal investigation by City Schools following allegations of grade changing reported by Project Baltimore. An attorney for the school’s operator says his client denies those allegations.

But many people, like Truehart, want answers. And in a setting where the school board responds to the concerns of city residents about their school, Trueheart’s concerns went unanswered. No one on the board, nor the CEO, addressed her questions about accountability or about Project Baltimore’s recent investigations

When asked if she wanted a response from the school board, Trueheart told Project Baltimore, “It would have been nice. But our government is generally not responsive to citizens input.”

“Who is this system serving? Because it ensures that people continue to get a paycheck,” she said, “But it doesn’t ensure that that child can go out into the world and become a productive citizen.”

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