City Schools Reacts to Project Baltimore Lawsuit

City Schools Reacts to Project Baltimore Lawsuit

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- Baltimore City Public Schools has responded, one day after Project Baltimore sued the District to get information Fox45 feels the public has a right to see. But it appears Baltimore City Public Schools is digging in.

Last month, under Maryland's public records law, Fox45 requested information about the School District's recent internal investigation into allegations of grade changing. That investigation was triggered by a series of Project Baltimore reports. Fox45’s request was not just denied, North Avenue didn't release anything saying it’s not in the public's interest. We disagree and feel the taxpaying public has a right to know some details about that investigation.

In a statement on its website, City Schools says it recognizes the "essential role of the free press in our democracy, which holds us to that accountability and keeps the public informed." But in the very next paragraph, City Schools defends its decision to not release the information, citing the integrity of their investigation and a responsibility to comply with personnel laws. The statement also criticizes Project Baltimore, calling our reporting sensational and inaccurate. Though, no examples are given.

The statement concludes by stating that the District will not be distracted by Project Baltimore's "targeting" of city schools saying, "we look forward to receiving the complaint and presenting our position before a court of law."

To be clear, the lawsuit Fox45 filed against City Schools is not about allegations of grade changing. This is about transparency. Project Baltimore wants to know how City Schools reached their conclusions that allegations of grade changing were "unsubstantiated". But City Schools won't tell us, or you.

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