Following Project Baltimore reports, City Schools Issue Grading Guidelines

Following Project Baltimore reports, City Schools Issue Grading Guidelines

(BALTIMORE) WBFF-- Baltimore City Public Schools is responding to Project Baltimore’s latest investigation into alleged grade changing.

Following Project Baltimore reporting on allegations of grade changing in Baltimore City Schools, Administrators at North Avenue told Fox 45 they have issued guidelines to all school leaders to ensure the District’s grading system maintains a “high degree of integrity”. The guidelines include making sure grades match and are consistent. This is in addition to City Schools ongoing internal investigation into grade changing, which was launched after another Fox45 report.

Project Baltimore recently obtained report cards at two schools that point to allegations of grade changing. The most recent at Calverton Elementary/Middle in west Baltimore. We have report cards for 13 students. For each, we have two versions. One, with initial grades we’re told were submitted by teachers. And a second version, printed a few weeks later, where 18 failing grades are no longer failing. Each one changed to 60 – the minimum for passing. Our source, who works inside District Headquarters, says it’s concrete evidence of grade changing.

North Avenue gave us this statement: “Ensuring that students’ grades are an accurate reflection of their achievement is an essential component of a quality education. Anything less does a disservice to students and calls into question the integrity and professionalism of the educators charged with supporting their success.” – Edie House: Baltimore City Public Schools

North Avenue’s response went on to say that the District does have a system to report allegations of grade changing. And that all reports will be thoroughly investigated.

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